Ever since 9/11, racism grew against middle eastern americans. This has been shown in the media and the insane comments people write behind their computers. It has grown to the point where no one barely talks about the discrimination against middle eastern americans. It went to the point where if someone I don’t know or don’t trust asks me “what is your ethnicity”, I give them a lie for an answer. This is because the stupid people in this country blamed middle eastern americans for the actions of others (Osama Bin Laden and the hijackers) based on the association of regional origin. I call them stupid because if you blame a person for the actions of others based on regional origin, gender, race, religion or etc, it means your reasoning skills are BELOW AVERAGE. I was only in first grade when 9/11 happened. I didn’t know what racism even meant. Iran hasn’t been invaded yet, but some other countries in the Middle East have been invaded. I once heard a pakistani girl say “I think it’s disgusting how some people have called me a terrorist while family is being bombed.” Well let me tell you what I think is disgusting in addition to that. MIDDLE-EASTERN AMERICANS (NATURAL BORN CITIZENS) ARE BORN AND RAISED IN AMERICA. We are on AMERICA’S SIDE. Middle Easterners, including my parents, immigrated to America for the Freedom they can’t have in the Middle East. They are done with the conservative middle-easterners who force their views on everyone else. To accuse us of being a terrorist is ignorant and flat out racist because it’s based on the association of regional origin of the terrorists who live in the Middle East. It’s like calling a typical black man, a thug without no proof. You called him a thug because most thugs are black men, which is racist. I don’t care if you call your middle eastern friend a terrorist as a joke and if you do, it means you are a fake friend. I never understood how calling another person a terrorist is a joke. it’s not even funny and it’s not something the CIA takes lightly.