English is my first language. It’s the only language I know how to read and write in because I was born and raised in the US. My second language is Persian because my family speaks Persian. Compared to English, I have limited vocabulary in Persian. When I speak Persian, my family tells me that I have an American Accent. When I speak English, some people told me I have a little bit of an accent, and that’s because Persian is spoken with a flatter tongue, but American English is spoken with a rounder tongue. Those two accents of mine overlap a little bit when I speak one or the other and this is true about almost everyone out there who is also bilingual. I feel as if people, who only speak American English, make more of an effort than I do with their American accents. I used to have a teacher who came from New York. Instead of saying “yes-ter-day”, she would say “yes-ta-day”. Some of the kids in my class would make fun of her, and she said “I feel like you guys make more of an effort with saying yes-ter-day”. As I was growing up, there have been ignorant kids at school who said “what part of english don’t you understand”, “I can’t understand your accent”. Those stupid kids have exaggerated my accent and underestimated my understanding of English. Well what did I say to that? I know two languages and you only know one, so stfu. Sometimes people might ask you to translate English words into your second language, which is very annoying. I’m like NO. There are some bilingual people who feel awkward doing that and afraid of people making fun of their language. “Kobideh”  is a type of kabob. I heard one kid say “stupideh”. I heard that same damn kid call Farsi “fart-si”. In Persian, the persian language is called “Farsi” or “Parsi”. It was originally called Parsi, but after the arabs came in to Persia, they called it Farsi because they don’t have a p sound in their alphabet. This one time someone asked me what my national origin is, and I said my parents came from Iran. This same person asked “Do you know how to speak Arabic”? My face looked offended and I said “NO”. Some people in the West will assume you know arabic because you are of middle eastern descent, which isn’t true because not all middle easterners speak Arabic. There are many middle eastern languages.